Dream Bigger

Soul Drawings

Just as we all have unique fingerprints, I believe our souls have individual energy shapes. Visualizing our soul’s design can help us understand more clearly who we are at the core, and what we have to offer to the world.

I create a soul drawing by connecting intuitively to you. An image begins to form in my mind. I let my hand dance across the page until the drawing feels complete.

Each soul drawing is unique, designed with you in mind.

I draw using fine black markers on mixed media paper. When the design is finished, I will send you the signed original.

Each design is CDN $110 plus HST where applicable. Payment is through PayPal.

I do not post soul drawings on my website. However, if you want to see examples of my other design work, click here

Please email me at julie@juliewiseconsulting.com for more details.