Dream Bigger

"I know what I don’t want. But what do I want?"

"I’m ready for a change, but I don‘t know where to start."

"If only I had the money, I would …"

Sound familiar?

I’m here to help.

Choose the approach below that best suits your needs and let's get started!


"Julie is an exceptional coach, her style and manner are very unique. She definitely comes from a place of heart and truly stands with you while seeing you move forward through whatever barriers or challenges may be holding you back."

Sylvia Albergil, ORSCC

"Each session with Julie helps me orient more closely to my dreams. Julie’s careful coaching has helped me launch a new business, prioritize my to-do list, and plan my summer travels. The Celtic Reiki and energy healing work that Julie does has helped me release emotional and mental blocks. Julie is compassionate and intuitive, wise and practical; and her listening and organizational skills are exceptional. I highly recommend her as a personal and professional coach, and healer."

Heather Cain
Plant Spirit Healing & Reflexology

"Julie has been an integral and important guide in my process of delving into the deep work of taking my own business to a higher level. Her book “Dream Bigger” is full of insights and practical techniques. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to make significant shifts either personally or professionally. In one-on-one work, Julie is understanding, patient, compassionate, knowledgeable and intuitive: a steady hand in what can be the murky waters of inner work."

Tiffany Lazic, Holistic Psychotherapist
Owner of The Hive and Grove

"Julie is an excellent listener and truly intuitive. I greatly enjoyed working with her and hearing her insight."

Diana Bumstead
Student Support Services

"Julie’s coaching gives direction and guidance so that you have a way through the challenge that both solves the issue and moves you along your path of growth. Julie has developed this extraordinary power and gift over the years and her clients benefit from her insightful and intuitive knowledge translated into practical actions and thoughts. I confidently recommend Julie as one of the best coaches I’ve ever worked with."

Valerie Hickey, M.Ed.
Organizational Learning and Change

"Julie Wise is an extraordinary coach. Not only have I personally experienced her coaching but I have also witnessed her coaching others. Julie accesses a higher intelligence and energy when she goes into coaching mode. You can sense that she’s speaking not only from her own wisdom but from a store of universal or spiritual wisdom. It’s like she’s channeling the knowledge of the giants. The experience is completely positive and focused on the person being coached."

Valerie Hickey, M.Ed.
Organizational Learning and Change

"I have to thank you, Julie. Our sessions really helped me and have made me a happier person. There isn’t a day that goes by where I’m not grateful for our time together, your honesty and your lesson to leave the word "hate" out of my vocabulary. I am happy to say everything is great on my end. Even though life does throw its struggles at me, I have learnt to deal with them differently and can take on anything."

Ashley Tobey

"Having just turned 65 and recently retired, I was a little confused and uncertain as to what comes next and what to do with the sudden amount of time that I had on my hands. In just 3 short sessions Julie has helped me to find, and define, my dream. She encouraged me to put together a realistic plan with appropriate timelines and measuring criteria. With the assistance of her book "Dream BIGGER" to keep me on my path, I am well on the way to living my dream - thanks Julie."

Peter Christian
Writer and Editor of Wisdom’s Way